Board of Trustees


Dr. V. Pugalagiri, Managing Trustee

Dr. V. Pugalagiri is the Chairman and Managing Director of Vadamalayan Hospitals .A man of compassion and nurtured with augmented social responsibility by his father Dr. P. Vadamalayan , Dr.V.Pugalagiri wishes to reach all the segments of society to provide quality health care services. He is also the trust member of the Committee of Meenakshi Amman Temple and the President of Red Cross Society of Madurai



Mrs. Chandra Pugalagiri, Joint Managing Trustee

Mrs. Chandra Pugalagiri is the Joint Managing Director of Vadamalayan Hospitals, spearheading the administration of the hospital. A dynamic woman by nature, she ensures the effective functioning of the Trust. She is instrumental in devising trust projects.

Mr. G. Ramasamy, Trustee

Agriculturist by profession Mr. G. Ramasamy is very keen about the upliftment of the rural poor.



Dr. M. Srinivasan, Trustee

Dr. M. Srinivasan, is the Consultant Interventional Cardiologist associated with Vadamalayan Hospitals for more than twenty years. His suggestions and input are valuable for the trust.



Dr. V. Pappunathan, Trustee

Dr. V. Pappunathan, is an ENT Specialist at Vadamalayan Hospitals. Being a Medical Registrar of the hospital, he coordinates the events and programs of the trust.




Maj. Gen. SS Sandhu
Executive Director,
Concept Development Consultants
V2/13, DLF City-3, Gurgaon-122002
Major General Surat Sandhu, is an International Consultant based in India. After a successful career spanning 34 years in the army, General Sandhu came into the fundraising field. He was Chair of South Asian Fundraising Group (2005-2009), New Delhi. Being the Executive Director of Concept-Development Consultants, he advices many national and international agencies.