Free Treatment

Free treatments have been provided for the impoverished with rare diseases by using the funds raised by Oor Koodi Uthavuvom (Collection of Old news Papers from the general public).

So far, Vadamalayan Memorial Trust has provided free treatment for three persons with rare health problems.


• Chithra (6 years) with Congenital Heart Disease
A 6 year old child Chithra from Sriramapuram village of Dindigul district has been diagnosed as having Atrial Septal Defect – ASD (congenital heart defect). Vadamalayan Hospitals has successfully performed ASD Device Closure Procedure at free of cost.


• Varaguna Pandian (14 years) with Erithromelalgia
A 14 year old boy Varaguna Pandian from KalaiyarKoil of Sivagangai district who has been suffering from a rare disease Erythromelalgia (a rare neurovascular peripheral pain disorder) for two years was treated freely.

In addition to the free treatment, he was facilitated by Vadamalayan Memorial Trust to continue his schooling with the help of district authorities of Education.


• Vasantha Maligai (32 years) with Left Uretero Vaginal Fistula

Mrs. A. Vasanthamaligai (32) from Keeripatti near Usilamapatti of Madurai District who has been suffering from involuntary urinary leakage due to Left Uretero Vaginal Fistula (a transmural injury in the ureter leads to involuntary urinary leakage)   for the past two years has undergone a free corrective surgery called Left Ureteric Re-implantation.